Wick-It Cool Candles

100% Soy Candles ~ Made in NH

Add Romance to Your Life with Wick-It Cool Candles

Fragrant Soy Massage Candles

Our unique creative process makes Wick-It Cool Candles unsurpassed for fragrance and presentation.

Create a romantic atmosphere with the soft glow of candlelight and the sensuous aroma of our candle fragrances.  

Then, extinguish the flame and treat your special someone to a fragrant and soothing massage with the warm oil. 

Because of the inherent properties of the ingredients we use, the oil only reaches a temperature slightly above body temperature.  

The oil is wonderfully soothing for dry skin and excellent for massage. 

Wick-It Cool Candles are made in NH, cool burning, made from 100% soy, and do not require wicking. 


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May Mothers' Day Sale

Wick-It Cool Candles May Sale

It's true!  Wick-It Cool Candles is celebrating Mom for the entire month of May.  SAVE:  Now until May 31, 2022 ~ ALL CANDLES are $21.95!

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Custom Photo/Text Candles

Wick-It Cool Candles Custom Label Candles

Wick-It Cool Candles makes custom photo and text labels to make your occasion or gift even more special.  Click on image above to start designing your custom label now!


Wick-It Cool Candles

It's always the season and always a reason to give Wick-It Cool Candles.  Click on Image to Purchase.


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