Wick-It Cool Soy Massage Candles ~ A Perfect Gift for Your Valentine!

Enhance the Romance on Valentines Day with Wick-It Cool Soy Massage Candles

Set the mood for your romantic evening this Valentines Day with Wick-It Cool Soy Massage Candles.
Visit our store to make your selection.   Our unique creative process makes our candles unsurpassed for fragrance and presentation.

Create a romantic atmosphere with the glow of soft candlelight and the sensuous aroma of our candle fragrances. Then, extinguish the light and treat your special someone to a fragrant and soothing massage with the warm oil.  inherent properties of the ingredients we use, the oil only reaches a temperature slightly above body temperature.  The oil is wonderfully soothing for dry skin and excellent for massage.

Here are some of our “Enhance the Romance” fragrance recommendations (mixing and matching IS allowed)!

Wick-It Cool Candles Enhance The Romance for Valentines Day Fragrances

Romantic candle scents  Soy Massage Candles romantic scent candles   Cinnamon Scented Massage Candles
Amber Romance Chocolate  Opium   Red Hot Cinnamon

Come Visit Wick-It Cool Candles at Area Events

Wick-It Cool Candles
You never know where you'll come across Wick-It Cool candles! Stop by Pretty Perfect kiosk in the Mall of New Hampshire and check out their beautiful gift baskets.

  • Boston Flower and Garden Show
  • Rhode Island Flower Show
  • Manchester Home Show
  • Boston Christmas Expo
  • NH for The Holidays Expo
  • Deerfield Fair

Wick-It Cool Candles does private label candles too - for wedding favors, your special events and your business.  Call us for more information 603.801.1853 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out our Calendar for where we're appearing next.

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